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Solar Powered LED Grow Lights

Why use solar powered LED grow lights?

No matter what the weather, freezing or searing hot sun there is a grow light system that can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, no matter what the weather! It is the Sentinel Solar Powered LED Grow Light System. The tradition grow lights uses massive amounts of energy the Sentinel solar product LED grow light is able to save you money while working around the clock. In general, LED grow lights can play a very important role in growing any type of plant. The LED grow light promotes the absorption of large amounts of chlorophyll in plants, having a significant influence on the photosynthesis process thus accelerating growth cycles.

The 4 biggest reasons for using Sentinel Solar Powered LED Grow Light System:


Any LED Grow Light will grow plants faster than traditional indoor lighting system or even natural sunlight. The Sentinel Solar Powered LED Grow Light System is completely powered by the sun, so during the day your electricity usage is down! The Solar powered LED lights are specifically designed to emit light wavelengths perfect for plant growth using minimal electrical power!

WARNING: Do to the exclusive design great care must be taken not to grow your plants too fast!


Standard LED lighting is good for the environment due to the power-saving capacity of LED over traditional lighting. LED lighting can cut the cost over traditional lighting by 50%, PLUS, since LED emit little heat expensive cooling equipment is unnecessary. With the Sentinel Solar Powered LED Grow Light System eliminates AC power usage when under solar operation, reducing power consumption even more!

If you are worried about excessive utility bills or spike in usage a solar grow light might be the answer.

The Sentinel Solar Powered LED Grow Light System provides the most suitable condition plants need to grow no matter what the weather is like outside. Basically, watering and monitoring is all an indoor farmer needs to do.


The Sentinel Solar Powered LED Grow Light System can definitely bring more profit, because they can grow plants all year-round and with LED lights, plants can grow faster, which means LED lights can speed up the growing process.