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Commercial Flat Roof Drain Options - Ponding Pumps

Standing Water On A Flat Roof Will Cause Damage

Commercial flat roof ponding Commercial flat roof ponding.

Water collecting on a flat roof, or ponding water, is a disaster waiting to happen. Commercial roof systems are designed with drainage systems to protect the roof. However, years of exposure to weather and lack of maintenance can alter conditions to limit the effectiveness of the drain system. Areas sag and cause a section of the roof to pool water, which compounds the problem due to the weight of the water. In some cases drain systems get blocked, also causing water to pool. In either case the problem will continue to worsen until it is fixed, a catastrophe happens, or a solution is put in place to remove the ponding water.

Ponding water and Drain Solutions

The wrong way to solve roof ponding Wrong way to solve roof ponding.

The most expensive way to stop ponding water on your flat roof is to remove the roofing membrane and re-pitch and re-deck your flat roof. Unfortunately, not only is this VERY expensive, but you are replacing the decking and you have to invest in a new roof as well. This is why many commercial roofing contractors love this option.

Next you can cut into your existing roof and install what they call a Roof Drain Sumps, that is where they cut away the roof and actually lower the drain below the roof line. Roof sumps help the roof shed water more effectively and help eliminate the water pond size if the drain was not installed at the correct height. In most states you will have to work with a licensed plumber and licensed roofing contractor. Anytime you retrofit a flat roof with either a new drain or lowering an existing in-roof drain it will be a major project.

Flat Roof Drainage

The Roof Sentinel Solar Roof Pump is that solution. It is a simple, inexpensive pumping unit that installs in 15 minutes and could save untold thousands of dollars in damage. It will automatically remove water ponding (or water pooling) on flat roofs with its solar-powered flat roof water pump. It becomes a cost-effective, flat roof drainage system the minute you place it in service.

Consider Installing The Roof Sentinel Solar Roof Pump

Installation of this efficient ponding pump requires no drilling of holes in the roof and can be done in 15 minutes. It will go to work on demand to rescue your roof from certain calamity. Click here for more details about the solar roof pump and how it could save you money, and extend the life of your roof.

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