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Roof Drainage System

Have A Flat Roof Drainage Option

City officials across the nation are advising business owners to inspect their flat roofs following rain to see if they might be at risk of a roof collapse because of drainage issues. Every year in the United States commercial building are extensively damaged or destroyed by the affects of rooftop ponding water when the overflow roof drain system fails. One large ponding area on a roof can easily weigh more than an F-250 pickup.

Flat Roof Drain Issues:

Most flat roofs hold a bit water, it is unrealistic to think that all water will drain off a flat roof. BUT, Flat roofs that hold large amounts of water are extremely dangerous and the sad part, quite common. On of the main issues is an improper roof slope on flat roofs. Most building codes require a roof slope with a minimum of 1/4” drop to ever running foot of roof. Many flat roofs have design issues from the beginning others are from age and building settling. Standing water on flat roofs will cause stress and can cause roof collapse.

Flat Roof Drainage Solutions

The most crucial aspect of owning a building with a flat roof is for inspections of the roof drains. A building’s roof drains can become clogged with debris causing the water to overflow and leak into the building. If the drain becomes plugged, it may cause water to back up and flow over the drain flashing and into the building itself. From there it may leak down the walls or into ceilings. Worst yet, as the water backs up and starts to pond on the flat roof, the flat roof becomes like a bath... Holding all that water and putting stress on the buildings structural system.

Roof Drainage Failures Can Destroy Roofs

Both of these roof collapses happened in the same city in a 3 month period. Similar stories happen all across the country every year.

Roof Colapse Due To Roof Drain Failure

LUBBOCK, TX: Lubbock firefighters inspect the roof of a building on the corner of 13th St. and University Ave. Heavy rains caused a portion of the roof to collapse and walls to become unstable. - J. Bowersmith (Avalanche-Journal)

Roof Colapse At Starbucks

LUBBOCK, TX - Roof collapsed at the Starbucks 82nd & Quaker location because of the recent rainfall. (KCBD TV)

Choose A Solar Roof Pump For Flat Roof Drainage

A backup roof drainage system, like the solar roof ponding pumps, can take over when the flat roof drainage systems get clogged or fail.

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