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Roof Drainage With Ponding Pumps

A Roof Drain Overflow Doesn't Always Protect The Roof

A primary cause of roof failure is water compromising the roof system. Often it is as a result of leaks which may cause varying levels of damage to the building structure or contents. The real damage is caused when a roof collapses from a collection of excess water. As a roof ages, it sags and water collects in the low spots. The weight of the water compounds the sagging. Over time, the water collection area expands and the weight concerns grow proportionately. Once the sag areas appear, the original roof water drainage system will no longer send water out the roof drain overflow apparatus.

Flat Roof Drainage

Roof drain manufacturers and roof drain installation specialists make every effort to produce safe roof systems. However, roofs which are not maintained, or collect debris from storms, are still subject to serious damage. Once roof overflow systems become plugged, water begins to pool on the roof. This excess water weight can be brutal to most any roof - but particularly to older roofs. Commercial roofs are often the most at risk due to the large amount of square footage.

Roof Drainage Solutions

First and foremost have the roof inspected annually, and perform any maintenance or repairs required. Then add a backup system in the event the roof water drainage is hampered or damaged during a storm. An excellent backup system is a ponding pump, a solar roof pump for roof drain overflow. It will continue to remove water, even if the building loses power. See the advantages of a solar roof pump and how easy one is to install.

Solar Roof Pumps and Ponding Water on Flat Roofs

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