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Drain Solution For Ponding Water On Roof

Sentinel II XD Solar Roof Pump
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Stop the destruction and avoid potential calamity.

Roofing industry experts are heralding the Roof Sentinel as one of the decades best inventions for the roofing industry. In fact, our primary customers are roofing contractors from across the country, offering our product as the perfect solution for their customers.

Ponding pumps drain ponded water off your flat roof!

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Why the Roof Sentinel?

The Roof Sentinel II is a solar-powered, ponding pump which installs in less than 15 minutes. No electricity needed, and no cutting holes... It's that simple - flat roof drainage solved!

Sample roof pix
Flooded roof with ponded water.

The Roof Sentinel has been engineered with smart chip technology. Removes water continuously from roofs for days, fully portable and has automatic operation. Equipped with a proprietary 20 watt solar panel with a battery backup, allowing it to pump any time of day and in any weather, 24/7 protection all year long. The Roof Sentinel II is American made, industrial aircraft grade, spun-formed, aluminum construction. Removes stagnant water, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, bacteria, and mold. Protects your roof from costly repairs due to leaks and sagging under high weight plus assists traditional drainage systems to keep up with severe storms and remove ponding water from low spots.

Roof Drain Pump: Commercial & Industrial Flat Roof

If your current roof drain system becomes compromised, or your flat roof drain outlets get clogged, how well would your roof survive all the extra weight? Call us to see if a solar roof pump is a viable answer for your roof.

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